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ArtsInsight is a unique service for teachers, students, and also amateur performing arts groups, which focuses on Music and Theatre Arts.  Our philosophy is based on supporting teachers’ and students’ needs within four areas:

Professional Development
We aim to enable teachers with new skills, knowledge, and  learning styles . This includes practical workshops in the application of appropriate methodologies, original approaches to learning, and the sharing of ‘best practice’.

Curriculum and Departmental Development
A core element of 
ArtsInsight's work is focused on curriculum and department analysis, refinement and development in the Performing Arts programmes in your school, examining current practice and innovative curricular and co-curricular ideas to develop further success in the classroom, concert hall or on stage.

Personal and Artistic Development – Students and Amateurs

Students and amateurs in the Performing Arts learn much from each other. In accordance with this, we aim to further educate all people involved in the Performing Arts through an informal personal and group approach to activities. This facilitates the development of greater communicative skills, and helps to inspire and envision participants through the learning process. 

Personal and Artistic Development – Teachers and Directors (school and other organisations)
Teachers and Music/Theatre Directors are also learners. We aim in all our consultancies to enable good teaching practice and good learning practice, reminding us also of our students’ educational journeys of development.

Where and how does ArtsInsight operate?

We are an international consultancy (administered in the UK) that is prepared to travel to you to deliver professional development, teacher/student or amateur group workshops, either in-house or collaboratively (for further information about this, click here).

ArtsInsight consultants are carefully selected, experienced practitioners, teachers, educationalists, and workshop/seminar leaders, with a wide range of backgrounds and experience in the performing arts and education. It is our clear aim to provide services of the highest order to our colleagues, and we believe in the unique quality of our services. 

ArtsInsight is proud to be linked with Inthinking (director Dr. Richard van de Lagemaat) – an organisation which offers  unique and challenging approaches to critical thinking in international education.

ArtsInsight is continuously evolving, so if you can’t find what you require, contact us with suggestions. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the ArtsInsight consultancy team, please register your interest here.

Services summary

For teachers:

INSET (In-service training) for teachers of the International Baccalaureate programmes in Diploma Music and Theatre Arts, and MYP Performing Arts, to schools and colleges both in the UK and abroad. 

INSET (In-service training) for teachers of the British curriculum, including ‘A’ level, GCSE, iGCSE and KS1-3 to schools and colleges both internationally and in the UK. 

Other practical and pedagogic in-service training workshops and presentations. 

For students:

Practical workshops and presentations which enhance the taught curriculum, and stimulate artistic curiosity and interest in the students. 

Practical workshops and presentations for students of all ages and interest, who otherwise may not fully experience the performing arts whilst at school. 

For amateur groups:

Practical workshops and presentations for amateur musical and dramatic groups of all ages and interests. 

ArtsInsight can be contacted here

Click here if you want further information on organising a visit. 

Please note that all our workshops and presentations are available as stand-alone packages, in combinations, or with an ArtsInsight IB workshop or other INSET service.


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