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In-School visit - International or UK: 

ArtsInsight consultants are prepared to travel to most areas of the world.  

We can arrange visits on a flexible basis, after consultation about your specific workshop needs. In our experience most schools prefer to request a consultant/workshop leader to travel to the school, as part of INSET/professional development, and/or for student workshops, and sometimes invite other students or staff from other nearby schools to take part. This works particularly well for in-school workshops focusing on support for the IB Diploma and MYP in Music and the Theatre Arts.

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Other workshops/training days - International or UK:

From time to time ArtsInsight organise workshops for teachers and/or students covering a vast area of topics in many locations, both in the UK and internationally. Watch your local press or this website for details of these events.

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Collaborative regional visits for several schools - International or UK:


(International - four regions: North America; South America; Europe, Africa, Middle East; Asia Pacific)

(UK - six regions: England - Midlands; North; South East and London; South West; Scotland; Wales)

- particularly suited for in-school workshops focusing on support for the IB Diploma and MYP in Music and the Theatre Arts

It may be that there are several schools in your area or region that may have the same need for our services. Collaborating with other schools in the area may be a sensible way for you to organise a visit from us, as it is obviously more economical for one school to act as a host school for other visiting teachers who may wish to attend. 

Alternatively, ArtsInsight can also organise a regional visit on request, and it would be useful if you were prepared to host the event and help with local details. We would circulate schools in the area/region about such an event once some provisional dates have been agreed between the host school and ArtsInsight. This method has the obvious advantage of keeping down costs for each participant. 

It may be that a school does not have suitable premises for the event they would wish to host. In such cases we would try to organise a suitable venue at reasonable cost to the participants. 

From time to time, ArtsInsight may organise regional workshops. Details about this will be posted in the local press and on this website, and/or circulated to schools.

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Organising a visit to an amateur performing arts group - International or UK:

ArtsInsight can arrange visits on a flexible basis in consultation with the group.

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