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Please note that all our workshops and presentations are available as stand-alone packages, in combinations, or with an ArtsInsight IB workshop or other INSET service.


These workshops are only a sample of what we can offer, and all ArtsInsight’s workshops are adaptable to your own requirements.


If what you require is not available below, please contact us


In-School Programmes - Secondary and Primary:

- for all curriculum requirements from Early Years, through GCSE and IB MYP,

 to IB Diploma and  ’A’ level or equivalent


This package includes: 

  • An in-house review of current programme and practice

  • Identifying areas for improvement, including curriculum analysis and development

  • Training and resolution of the identified issues would be left to the school


In-School Programmes - Enhanced:

This is more intensive INSET, with hands-on training and consulting (one-on-one if required).

  • As above, but with follow-up training in identified areas, with the aim of significantly improving curriculum delivery, co-curricular activities and teacher confidence

  • Available on an individual basis


Music Technology Integration/IT implementation Programmes:

- including use of IT in the curriculum for department administration

NB this package is particularly suited to experienced teachers who wish to open up new horizons for themselves and their students

 This package includes:

  • Exposing teachers to relevant music technology software and hardware

  • Analysing your music curriculum to see where technology might (or might not) help you

  • Using technology effectively to enhance, enrich and extend student understanding

  • Using technology in the your music curriculum – lesson plans and modules which integrate IT into your programme


Other workshops:

Aesthetics in the Curriculum (one session/half-day)

The aim of this presentation is to give a deeper understanding into the meaning and understanding of aesthetics, and the application of this knowledge to curriculum content and delivery, i.e. what main theories of musical aesthetics currently prevail, and how these may be interpreted into a modern music curriculum and school music programme. This presentation includes interactive workshop activities for participants.


Assessment and its Relation to the Curriculum (one session/half-day)

Is assessment ‘the tail wagging the dog’ or the other way round? Which way round should it be? Is it even a necessary sound educational practice? This presentation examines the nature and role of assessment in the performing arts, its meaning and purpose, and how these issues can profoundly affect our teaching and our students - for the better  - or for worse!


Aural Training – Context, Meaning and Development

What is aural training trying to achieve, and how do we achieve it? This presentation examines the nature and practice of this element of most music education programmes, examining such issues as its place in developing a musical mind within historical and socio-geographical contexts. This presentation includes interactive workshop activities for participants.


Budgeting for the Department (one session/half-day)

This workshop looks at the role of a Head of Music from the financial management perspective. Many Heads of Music find themselves having to deal with financial issues for which they have had no training or professional development. This workshop aims to remedy this, and examines the complexities of running a music department budget, including financing for tours, concerts, academic support, resources and staffing.


Career Development for Teachers (one session/half-day)

This workshop examines career options for music teachers from many different backgrounds and in many different circumstances. In addition to giving some useful facts, the presenter draws heavily on his own and other teachers’ experiences in the maze of career opportunities available to music teachers – some of which are surprising!


Chorus for everyone: vocal technique from the ground up (half/full day)

for inexperienced singers - both teachers and students

Kick start your school’s choral programme, with a lively and informative workshop on vocal technique, using fun and effective warm-ups and pieces that prove that everyone can sing and sound good. Includes materials, strategies, warm ups, etc. This workshop is suitable for both primary and secondary schools, but equally effective for adult learners. It is particularly useful for male voices, including changing voices


Concert Management (one session/half-day)

This workshop is concerned with planning the school year’s concert programme, and how the demands of this interact with the rest of the school community’s needs and demands. Opportunity is given for teacher activities or questions, depending on the number of participants.


Continuing Professional Development for Musicians and Music Educators (one session/half-day)

If you are reading this then you are already wanting to be involved! This workshop examines the explosion of CPD in the world of music, and looks at a wide range of resources available to teachers in the UK and overseas. The presenters have an in-depth knowledge of different approaches and available resources, through being involved with running such undertakings for a variety of institutions.


Departmental Staff Management (half-day/one day)

This workshop looks at the day-to-day running of the department, and deal with staffing issues. Areas covered include dealing with the Head, how to relate with other departments/staff, and looks at the workings of the group dynamic between staff in the department. How to appraise your staff constructively, both formally and informally, is also examined. Relations with visiting Instrumental staff are also included


Developing a programme of Continuing Professional Development (one day)

For heads of department (music)

This is a practical day, at the end of which you will have an INSET programme tailored specifically to the needs of your institution. Based on a skills audit, whether conducted specifically for this exercise or using existing information, the programme will be designed to support staff, helping them develop in their existing roles. Advice on resources and implementation will be included in the exercise


Developing an extra-curricular programme (full day)

Extra-curricular provision is a major part of a thriving music department. This course looks at some of the main issues involved in setting up and/or developing instrumental and vocal work in schools, including: how to choose the right activities for your school; links with classroom music; a range of strategies for motivating students, and increasing commitment; and a discussion of some of the resources available for use with instrumental and vocal groups


Extended course (two days)

This includes practical strategies for developing an instrumental music programme, planning and presenting concerts, forming links with outside agencies, and developing an individualised development plan for each participant’s school



ECIS accreditations (one /two days)

This helps a school music department in preparation for a visit from ECIS, with a diagnostic approach to issues raised during a visit. The consultants are experienced teachers who have ‘been through the mill’ themselves (sometimes several times!) and will operate sensitively, positively and cooperatively in helping the department to plan its work, ethos and vision with a view to success in a forthcoming accreditation


Entry to study Music at a UK University or Conservatory

- useful for both students and/or teachers (one session/half-day)

This presentation looks at the entrance requirements to study music in Higher Education in the UK, and outlines the main differences of approach and course content at many of the country’s universities and conservatoires. In addition, advice is given on how to locate a course and institution which is suitable for a particular individual for many reasons – location and cost are important as well as the musical content of the courses considered. A question and answer session is included, where the participants (in particular students) can ask about issues which are particularly pertinent for them personally.


Film Music (one session/half-day)

This presentation aims to unravel some of the issues at the heart of film music in order to provide contextual support for the film music analysis and composition elements of the music A-Level syllabuses.


Group teaching techniques for instrumental teachers (half/full day)

Instrumental teachers are being called upon more and more to work with larger groups of pupils to develop sound instrumental technique. This course includes: strategies for differentiation, building task commitment, improvisation, building technique in the context of a mixed ability (and mixed instrument!) group. The full day course also includes practical, ‘hands on’ sessions using a variety of materials


Internationalism in Music (one session/half-day)

This workshop aims to challenge our preconceived ideas about what music is, what it is for and how it is perceived in different ways in diverse communities, cultures and regions of the world. This offers music teachers a chance to reflect on their own musical tastes and practices, and includes some interactive group work. It also deals with radical  ways of approaching teaching practice and philosophy, and helps teachers have a greater understanding of how to approach teaching music from the student’s own starting-point.


Learning for singing teachers (half/full day)

This workshop is designed to give singing teachers a wide range of ideas for developing techniques, methods and repertoire for students of all abilities.  Discussion will include how to enhance voices without damage and will look at how to work with beginners and advanced students. This is an interactive workshop which can include, where practicable, a live demonstration lesson.


Ofsted Inspections (one /two days)

(UK only)

This helps a school music department in preparation for a visit from OFSTED, with a diagnostic approach to issues raised during a visit. The consultants are experienced teachers who have ‘been through the mill’ themselves (sometimes several times!) and will operate sensitively, positively and cooperatively in helping the department to plan its work, ethos and vision with a view to success in a forthcoming inspection.


Preparing for your Diploma (one off, or a series of consultations)

For prospective candidates for any of Trinity College London’s diploma qualifications in teaching, mentoring, adjudicating, or facilitating. Sessions can be tailored according to the needs of the group or individual candidate preparing for ATCL, LTCL or FTCL qualifications in specialist music teaching, instrumental/vocal teaching, mentoring, adjudicating or facilitating. Topics covered include preparing the submitted materials, written papers, planning for the practical unit and the viva voce, assessment criteria etc.


Strings -  Integrated learning for string teachers (one day)

For teachers working with individuals or groups

This session is designed to give string teachers a wide range of ideas for tailoring technical work to musical ends, and for introducing musicianship, composition and improvisation into the individual or group lesson. Focusing particularly on the early stages of learning, it introduces elements of tonic sol-fa and movement work, and can be particularly tailored to support use of Boosey & Hawkes’ Essential String Method. This session can, where practicable, include a live demonstration lesson.


Strings -  ‘Starting as you mean to go on’  (one day)

For teachers working with beginners

This workshop is designed to give string teachers a wide range of strategies for working with beginners, from individuals to large groups, including developing a firm technical grounding, relating musical to technical skills, using movement, and developing ensemble skills alongside those for solo performance. It will cover suitable resources, repertoire, lesson planning and, where practicable, a live demonstration.


Visiting Instrumental Staff (half-day/one day)

This workshop examines the role of the visiting instrumental teacher within a busy music department. Issues such as employing, paying and accommodating staff are examined, as well as timetabling/scheduling. Their relationship with other full-time staff, both in the music department and the rest of the school, are also examined. Anticipating need, budgeting and contract issues are also included. This workshop is also suitable for schools working in an international environment.



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