Adjudicator rules Lambeth Council acted "Wholly Unreasonably"


This site was started by myself, Jonathan Greatorex, following what I believed to be an unfair ticket that I received from Lambeth council.


I appealed against the case and won and in the process uncovered one of the most incredible stories in the history of Parking Enforcement.


From the 31st March 2008, councils throughout the country can use CCTV to issue parking tickets. As I proved, the system is seriously flawed and open to abuse; it has nothing whatsoever to do with enforcing traffic regulations but everything to do with generating extra revenue for greedy councils.


 As whole thing has grown so enormously I have  broken the site down into four sections:




There has been much made by Lambeth of the fact that they did not 'crop' the photographs. What, infact, it appears that they have done is to zoom in. This in a way is a far more serious problem and could well make any evidence that they have invalid!!!


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